Monday, June 08, 2009

Baby Jaws

Friday, Drew found out about the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Sand Castle Competition. We decided to go. Judging started at 3pm so we thought if we got there about 1, we could walk around, see them as they were being built and then the finished product. Plus, we were on the beach so it would be lovely, right?

As we drove, traffic got really heavy. We debated whether to turn around or not. We kept going. Then when we finally got to Galveston, we headed to the East Beach where the sand competition was held.

We didn't make it to the East Beach. Everyone from Texas decided to go. And we didn't care at all.

We found a different beach, parked our van right next to the beach and set up our little area. Seriously, our van was 10 steps from our blanket. It was awesome.

Sage ran right for the ocean. Drew followed close behind. As I finished getting sunscreen on Levi and putting him in a swim diaper, I asked if the water was cold. Cold, y'all. Anyone want to remind me that we were swimming in the Gulf of Mexico?

It was warm enough for the baby to sit!

Kolby was hesitant at first but after Drew showed him how to turn his body away from the waves so they didn't splash his face, then he loved it.

Sage learned to swim last week at swimming lessons. And he loved being able to practice in the ocean. And jump into the waves. I have to admit, it made me really nervous to be watching him from so far away so I didn't watch a whole lot. Drew was very close to him at all times. And he could touch.

He used a stick to bat the waves. Sometimes, he would yell "Homerun!"

We thought we would walk down the beach to the sandcastle competition. We didn't make it. It was a long way. Sage didn't want to get out of the water, Kolby couldn't stop throwing things or whatever he was doing. Then he started crawling in the water like Sage. And again, we weren't disappointed. The ocean, the breeze, the salty air, the smell, the sun all made up for it.

Just because he doesn't like to be left out.

This guy set up next to us. Drew asked him what he was fishing for and he answered, quite seriously, baby sharks. I thought he might possibly be lying to us and prepared to tell the internet with this picture what a poser he was. Like he was going to catch baby sharks.

And then he reeled in this:

I didn't take pictures of numbers 2 and 3. And then we left.

Not because of the baby sharks swimming by my boys feet, it was just time to go.

His 2 or 3 year old son may have thought I was the crazy lady after I ran at him yelling "Yucky, yucky!" as he drank from a McDonalds cup that had been sitting on the beach since before we arrived. His dad was a little busy.

We also got to see jelly fish and seagulls. Obviously, all was right with the world.

I needed this day so badly. It was so great to be away from the city and enjoy time with my family. Every weekend, I feel like I need a break so I go shopping. Because where else can I go? But this, this was so much better than shopping.

And next time, I will have a full suit so I can more fully enjoy the water with my boys.

I'm already planning next time! I can't wait!


  1. Wow, looks like fun...I'm jealous you live so close to the beach. I love the ocean! Great pics too, bye the way!

    Beautiful family!

  2. Great pictures! I'm so glad you had fun. My parents just booked a beach house for later in the summer and now I am even more excited! The baby shark thing is weird!

  3. Oh, Kristy!! That shark is too scary. I'm happy for your fun day.

  4. Oh my goodness, some of those pictures are FANTASTIC. I love Levi in the water. Galveston can be lots of fun, can't it?

  5. So happy for you having such a delightful day! I'd say Drew has found a really fun way to save money!!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun! We have been wanting to go, but that makes me want to go more. Let us know if you're planning a weekend trip, maybe we can join you.

    Wow, sharks!

  7. looks like a great time. I am so glad you got to enjoy the weekend.

  8. I'm not so sure you should "fill your suit" :) at the beach, but whatever! it looks like you had fun. Al and the boys head for emerald isle Thursday.

  9. gretchen from lifenutTue Jun 09, 03:12:00 PM

    Wonderful pictures! Could Levi be any more cute?

    The Gulf of Mexico is like bathwater...surprisingly toasty.

  10. A family getaway at the beach sounds so dreamy! I can't imagine how warm the water was! Hope you have many more great trips this summer! Oh and the pic of Levi in the ocean for the first time is priceless :)

  11. What FUN! I'm also wondering what you mean by the full suit. :)

  12. That picture of Kolby melts my heart!


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