Friday, June 06, 2008

We're alive!

We made it on Sunday around 3pm and just today got internet access today. It was supposed to be all set up to be installed on Tuesday but, the best laid plans...get changed!

Our trip was uneventful and relatively easy, we even discussed that driving to see family wouldn't be too difficult.

Our truck was a day late, it came Wednesday. It is so nice to have our stuff, sitting in boxes around us! Just kidding. I have got a good bit put away but we are trying to paint at the same time, so it makes for a lot of clutter and mess. And you know what painting leads to? Painting the trim and replacing light switches which require multiple trips to Home Depot or Lowes. And painting leads to buying the wrong color, painting 1/4 of the wall and going back to Sherwin Williams to buy a different color. I can't even admit to you how much money we have wasted on paint. We are going to salvage about one gallon of paint for the boys room and bathroom but that doesn't really help the 5 gallons that we purchased.

Live and learn. That is our motto.

Painting also leads to a desire of replacing the towel bar, toilet paper bar and faucet. And after checking some prices at Lowes, those will have to wait. We will live with our shiny silver and gold faucets. Not our style, but they will work.

We will also live with our bathroom mirrors as ornamented as they are. We are more simple and modern type people, but we will live with it and maybe replace things slowly. We'll see.

Life is slightly crazy but we love, love, love our new home. It feels absolutely huge! We added a bedroom and a bathroom and a half and many closets and cupboards. And, I have been doing laundry whenever I desire and leaving it in the dryer or washer and I am the only one who can move it.

Sage doesn't like to go upstairs by himself. If someone sits at the bottom of the stairs (which aren't seen at the top) he is okay, if Kolby goes with him (finally, his little brother is good for something), he is fine, but don't ask him to go himself. But, if we are all upstairs and go downstairs, he is fine.

Life is good. We're still adjusting, unpacking, organizing and settling, but life is good.

I wonder how long it will take to not say, "we just moved here."


  1. Glad you guys made it there saftely! Getting your first home is so exciting. We're really happy for you guys!

    We are looking forward to seeing you guys at Ben and Katie's wedding!

  2. yeah! I am SO happy for you guys!

  3. I am convicted by your post because if I was the one moving to Houston, the absolute first words out of my mouth would be complaining about how hot I was. I have issues about being content in hot weather. :)

  4. congratulations! can't wait to see pictures. happy new home.


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