Sunday, June 08, 2008

Starting A New Life

Have you ever thought when you move, no one knows me, no one knows what I am like, I can be a totally different person? I've thought about that with the way I dress, I can recreate myself and no one would know, they would think that is how I have always been. I have always wanted to be more of a funky dresser or unique, but am really quite plain. Solid colored shirts with denim or a type of khaki pants or shorts dominate my wardrobe. Not that it is bad, just plain. I see shirts with patterns that I think are cute, but the problem is, they cost money and my plain shirts never seem to go out of style. So, I think I am going to look for some fun earrings on Etsy to go with my plain shirts.

This isn't what I intended to write about.

We visited a church this morning. Houston's First Baptist Church. I was so overwhelmed walking in, finding the welcome center so they could show me where to drop off my children. I can't describe how huge the church is, just huge, two floors, we probably walked a quarter mile to drop our kids off and I don't think I am exaggerating. I kept thinking what if Kolby has an asthma attach and I get paged and I can't find his room again? (He rarely has asthma attacks and they usually come when he has a cold also, which he doesn't, but come one, I needed to worry about something and then I wondered what would happen if there was a fire, how would I find my kids, would the workers really get them out? Irrational, I know, hey, I'm pregnant). We made it into the service (we were late and arrived 25 minutes before it started, how did that happen unless we walked a quarter of a mile to drop our kids off) and I wanted to burst into tears. I don't know why. I was overwhelmed with the number of people that were in one building to learn about God and how it seemed like the same number of people who live in all of Connecticut, not really, but it felt like it. Overwhelmed that in this huge crowd of people, I only know the 3 that I came with. Overwhelmed with the realization that we are starting over. Starting from scratch to meet people. People who already live here. People who already have friends. Do they have room for one more?

It was a great service. The music was upbeat, praise songs. The message was great. I learned something and walked away with something. The pastor wants us to memorize a verse, Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still." (I totally had to look, guess I will keep working on that!) The message may have been written to me. He talked about the Isrealites and how their faith was weak and forgetful. Like mine. On Sundays, I am bold, ready to tell people about Jesus and his love for them. Mondays, I am terrified to mention his name, afraid of offending people. I need to remember that my God is strong and faithful not weak and forgetful. It is my faith that is weak and forgetful not my God. He also talked about how we live in a negative, complaint filled society. The weather is forecasted from the Severe Weather Center, and they told him the high would be 94, the low 75 and it will be partly cloudy today. Catch the negativism? Severe. Partly cloudy. It could be just the weather center or partly sunny. Kind of like my house right now, do I see it as half painted and partly messy or half done painted and lots of boxes put away? I am being the most honest when I say, I see a mess and a lot more work, but we have gotten a lot done and put away.

I took notes and was able to follow along easily. I loved it, I paid attention the whole time and didn't have time to fill our my visitor card. It would be so easy to go back and settle in, but we know that we need to visit more churches to we can find a church family and not just a church.

It will remain high on the list.

We took today off from doing work around the house, Sage was quite excited that mom and dad weren't painting today. I think we are going through an adjustment period with him. We are busy, boxes are open but untouchable for them, everything is different. He is crying really easily, throwing fits, which is not normal for him. We are going to take today to hang out with the kiddos and we have promised a zoo trip this week.


  1. I was praying you would make it to a church today - I even told Dad that maybe you would meet someone special and they would have you over...maybe next week! Meanwhile, I am convicted that I should be ready to welcome someone new at our church....
    Isn't it great that you can never move away from Him and He not only knows your name, but also all your needs...
    Prayers continuing, Mom XOXOXO

  2. So glad to hear that you found HFBC. Did you see Beth Moore or her daughter Amanda? Just teasing! Seriously I've heard great things about it but you are so wise to know that you need to check out a few and find the right fit for your family. How far of a drive was it from your house? Hope you can find a park this week (in the early morning when it's cool) and make some friends for you and the boys. When does Drew start his new job?

  3. finding a church is the hardest stinkiest thing ever....stick in there, it will be so worth looking and praying and not rushing.

    (I buy plain shirt and cute earings and have for years - it just means you're the coolest!)

  4. The great things about finding a new church and making new friends is that you don't have to lose the old ones! We miss you here in Connecticut, but trust that God has many great things planned for you in Houston! It's nice to have your blog to keep up with your exicting life. --James

  5. Welcome to Houston! Your blog came up in a Google Alert I have set up for my church -- Houston's First Baptist. In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you that I am on staff at HFBC (Director of Communications). I'm so glad that you were able to worship with us on Sunday.

    Having grown up in a small church in the suburbs (and in another denomination), I was overwhelmed the first time I visited HFBC, as well. But after 10 years as a member here, I can tell you that I've never felt more connected to the Body of Christ than at this church -- and that was even before I came on staff! :)

    If you have any questions about HFBC -- of Houston in general -- please do not hesitate to contact me (, 713.957.5890).

    In His Service,

  6. Wow!!! Now that is service! Sounds like a case of premptive Googleing.

  7. If you do end up going to HFBC you must remember they have been reading your blog, and already know that you are "plain" as opposed to "funky". I wonder if he read the comments from your mom? Maybe he will invite you over for dinner of something.

  8. Oh, you'll love the Houston Zoo. I grew up in Houston and still have such fond zoo memories...

    My son was three and a half when we last moved and it took him a looooong time to adjust - really, almost five months before he returned to his normal happy go lucky self.

  9. Hang in there, Kiki! Everything sounds so new and exciting. I'm confident you will meet some special people who will love the classy (classic?) woman you are. Give Sage and Kolby a hug for me!


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