Monday, June 23, 2008

My Best Friends Baby!

My best friend had her baby yesterday and she waited nine long months to find out what she was carrying.

It's a girl!

The boys and I went shopping for her gift this morning. I would love to link to what I bought but I haven't mailed it yet. But oh my, it was hard to choose. Drew's right, if we have a girl, he is in trouble!

Girls need shoes and bows! And they have plenty of cute stuff out there. I mean pink crocs, pink Chuck Taylors the list goes on.

Go congratulate Karoline! Oh, and she's having trouble deciding on a name. Give her some suggestions! I'm kidding, kind of, she is having a hard time deciding, but I don't think she is open to suggestions!

And then tell me one little girl item that you would buy for sure.


  1. silver sparkle shoes....they go with everything and there is something about a little girls feet and sparkles!!!!

    baby dolls, baby dolls, baby dolls...from the time little girls can grab, THIS is their preferance and remains so for long amounts of time...always a hit! the more life like the more popular.

    play stroller.
    if I could get rid of all other toys and keep one, THIS is it.

    anything dress up - again, this starts getting used WAY before you'd think!

    I know, you said just one, but I have four girls so doesn't that entitle me to four things?!

  2. my little girl loves her make-up bag (and she doesn't make a mess).

    Dresses dresses and more dresses - not too frilly but cute summer play dresses are my favorite. And of coarse they need the flip flops to go with!

    Drew has 4 pairs of shoes - tennies, dress sandle, play sandles and crocs. Ally on the other hand has about 15-20 pairs of shoes to go with each outfit!

  3. princess dress. one of those ugly ones made by disney princesses that she wears all around the house. we've had one in 2t, 3t, and now 4t. she LOVES it.

    oh, and lip gloss. lots and lots of lip gloss.

    My favorite thing that she owns is sparkly flip flops from Stride Rite. They're a ton of funky colors and I just love seeing them on her painted toenailed feet. :)

    Oh, and hair ribbons. Her hair is getting long enough to braid and they are darling! Or I will put her hair up in these little Princess Leia things on the sides of her head - so CUTE!

    Can you believe, all this from a no-frills someone who only wanted boys?


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