Friday, June 13, 2008

Amidst the Painting

We went to the zoo! It's right in the middle of the city which was so weird to us. I kind of feel like we are living in a zoo with this new climate. I have seen several lizards scamper in front of me!

Apparently, we didn't take many pictures, but we bought a family membership, so we will be going back!

I was a bad mommy and didn't pack snacks or enough water for myself so we didn't stay long, but it was long enough to wear us out! I'll get better at this zoo thing. And we did get a yummy meal of Chick Fil A! I don't want to admit how many times we have eaten there in the two weeks we have lived here. It is so yummy, the play lands are clean, and Sage and Kolby actually eat the chicken! Sage has totally bought into the advertising and tells us to "Eat more chiken!" He also tells me, "I do not want the fries, I want the fruit!" But he does appreciate trading in the toy for an ice-cream cone!

As for the painting update: the living room, dining and kitchen are done, pictures will be displayed after I clear out the few remaining boxes and clear off the bar shelf. And maybe actually purchase the bar stools we want. The boys room has been painted, it needs one more coat of trim paint around the top and the trim needs painted white. I found comforters for the boys that match the paint that we bought too bright for the living room so we didn't waste 3 gallons of paint, only 1. And, I really like them, I am seeing a fun room for them. Their bunkbeds will arrive next week along with our new minivan! Drew's parents gifted him their minivan as his graduation gift. We are so blessed. Drew pointed out that it was more a gift for me and I reminded him that we would have had to buy one anyway! Now, when I drive the Saturn, I have visions of a minivan in my head and I can't wait! I am excited that the boys will have air conditioning reaching them right away, not waiting for the cold air to blow back from the front. Sage likes to remind us that he is sweaty, a lot!

Tonight, we are going to dinner at our neighbors house. We haven't actually met face to face but were connected through blog land! Crazy internet!


  1. Oh, I have such fond memories of the Houston zoo! I went with my college girl friends when we were all single working girls/grad students visiting each other on weekends in Austin, Houston, Dallas... Isn't that odd that my memory of that zoo is as a 22-year-old with a bunch of girl friends? We also went to the Houston fine art museum that weekend, if that makes us sound less weird. :)

  2. Was it just you and the boys at the zoo, or did Drew get to go too? I can't remember when he said his first day was going to be!

    Can't wait to see pics of your newly painted house--I'm sure they'll be up on your blog! :o)


  3. I love the zoo! And I miss elephants- our zoo doesn't have elephants anymore. Apparently Chicago is not a good environment for them...



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