Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today we drove through:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Today we ate:
Gas station snacks $11
Chick-fil-A $16 (It was in a mall, but good ole Gregory (the GPS) found it!)
Olive Garden $50
2 bottles of water $2

The boys watched:
Monsters Inc.
Facing the Giants
Blues Clues

We left at 7:45 and got to Olive Garden at 5:00. 600 miles.

The boys did awesome. I can't complain one bit. We considered continuing all the way but decided setting up air mattresses at 1 in the morning was not ideal.

We have been in that car driving for 20 hours in the last 3 days, I have driven one.

What an awesome husband I have! He puts up with my sobbing through my book, Ever After by Karen Kingsbury.

The boys are in bed and since we are sharing a hotel room, that means I need to be also!


  1. What a day... It's interesting what route you're taking because we are going a totally different way to get from New Haven to Dallas-- more like Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas. We leave in just 4 days!

  2. Priceless! =)

    Give me a call sometime once you guys are settled in. I'd love to catch up and chat!

  3. Hi Kristin:

    Dylan was so sad to have missed your departure (and so was I). He's telling everyone how his friend Sage moved away. So, really sorry to have missed you, but I'm following you on your blog, and I hope you'll keep in touch :[.

  4. OK I think we have all been very patient. Could you just say hi, we're here, and we're painting :) ? Can't wait to hear it all.

  5. I happened upon your blog and read that you had moved and are looking for a friend and wanted to find out where you are so I read on down to see. Sorry to hear you are not in my neighborhood, or I could have made you feel more at home.

    That isn't why I am actually commenting though. In reading your blog from several days ago I read that you have a GPS that you call Gregory. I almost fell out of my chair laughing because I thought I was the only one who named her GPS. We have a Magelan (if that is spelled correct) that I call Maggie because it is a womans voice. Anyway, Good luck in your new town. May God bless you and make it feel like HOME SOON!!!



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