Friday, February 22, 2008

Sage Funnies

Last night at dinner, we were talking about having a little brother or sister (no announcement) and Sage said he wants another brother and we should name him Toby. Then, I asked him how we would get a little brother. He told me that we will go to the hopitable and get one in Houston. I asked if the baby had to be in my tummy first and he said no, just go to the hopitable.

We won't be taking his advice.

Later, at bed time we were talking and asked him how we got him. I said we just went to the hospital and picked him up. He got really mad and said he was in my tummy. And Drew chimed in and said, no we just went to the hospital, you weren't in mommy's tummy. And Sage told him to stop lieing, that he was in mommy's tummy.

Oh, to be convicted by a 3 year old.

Today, his zipper was down and I told him. He looked up at me, smiled and said "I like it that way!"

He is really into knowing what letter words start with, making the *smooching noise*, he said what letter does that start with? I said Kiss? Kiss starts with kuh kuh kuh K. Then he sang Every letter makes a sound *smooching noise* says K!

I didn't correct him.

So, when Drew and I were at Iowa State, the football quarterback was named Sage Rosenfels. We didn't name our Sage after him, but that is where we heard the name. Guess who is the second or third string quarterback for the Houston Texans? Yep, Sage Rosenfels. We were looking at schools last night online and he was on the homepage meeting some kids. Have I told you how much Sage is into football? He loves the movie Facing the Giants. He quotes it. We watch it almost every Friday night, pizza night. And if Friday Night Lights is what Texas is really like, we are in for a world of trouble.

Sage will often pretend he is playing football and tell Kolby that he is the coach. Then he tells Kolby what to say. (Kolby still doesn't talk, I don't know why!) But, really he just quotes random lines from Facing the Giants. It is pretty funny.

Watch out Sage Rosenfels!


  1. I love your Sage funnies posts. He is SO funny. I am glad you are writing all of this stuff down, because when our kids are rebellious teenagers we can look back and say, "Weren't they so sweet?" ;)
    p.s. THANK YOU for the prayers! I can just imagine you all praying for Lucy,a nd you getting teary justl ike your mom! :)

  2. OMG - I LOVE that he prefers his zipper down. That is HYSTERICAL!!! Bwahahahahaha11111

    Faith has been saying what sound letters start with two, as opposed to saying her alphabet??? I just figured it has something to do with learning to read, or word world??

    Very cute post!!


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