Friday, February 15, 2008

Forgot to Mention...

We are back in the housing market. Drew has found 3 very happy lenders to lend us a large sum of money so that we can buy a house!

We are excited to not have to move twice and have been researching which areas to live. School districts and housing prices being are priorities. It has been a roller coaster of emotions getting to this point. And we haven't even actually looked at any houses yet!

I say roller coaster because, somedays, we feel on top of our game, we found the right area, schools are good, we can afford a house. And then the next day, the area isn't quite what we thought and the schools aren't either. It is hard to decide where and in what type of place you want to live. With lots of diversity? With little to no diversity? And some things end up looking better on paper than they do in real life.

So, our prayer is that God will find us the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood in the perfect school district for our family. We prayed that the job would be a no brainer for us to pick and it was, it basically boiled down to a no decision, decision. We were and still are thankful for that. We know that God will put us where he wants us.

But, man it is hard. Already, I have felt that need to keep up with the Joneses, and I don't even know the Joneses! From some articles that we have read, there is a preschool that is THE PRESCHOOL to attend, like if your kids don't go there, they won't get into the right magnet school and their life is OVER before it has begun in kindergarten, at the right school.

And, the houses in the wrong school district, totally affordable and look great. The houses in the wrong school district, totally not affordable and look exactly the same as the other houses. But, we were told just today about this perfect place where the houses are affordableand the school districts good. Please, Lord let us find a house there.

Wouldn't it be funny if I decided to homeschool?


  1. We really don't want Grace to go to school amongst a sea of lily-white faces, but at the same time we don't want her to go to a scary school without resources. Sometimes they seem mutually exclusive. Where are the safe, racially diverse neighborhoods with good schools?! As we contemplate our move this summer, we are dealing with a lot of the same questions.

  2. Just check with Beth Moore! Her neighborhood, her church, Melissa and AJ's school.......God just answered!!

    Love from IA Nanny

  3. Hey - when are you looking at moving?? My cousin lives in Houston...maybe I could ask her about what areas are best to live in? Let me know if you want me to do some investigating. Glad to hear you are doing well. I enjoy checking in on you.....

  4. Once I ordered bean dip with my fries but I was told all I could get was mayonais


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