Monday, February 04, 2008


Get some.

After writing my Wii post, I didn't feel better. I didn't feel different. Until I talked to Drew and he gave me his view on the Wii situation. He was feeling much the same way as I, wanting one, being driven to call Targets and ready to jump at the chance of getting one. He talked about how reading about what he was feeling made him feel disgusting. Like he was idolizing a Wii. I nodded like all good wives do and tried to go on my merry way of wanting a Wii.

I should add that this weaves into our church attendance, specifically where we go to church. I have talked before about how we don't really like our current church, but it is our second church in the almost three years that we have been here and we decided to try to stick it out. For the sake of the children. The nursery system is great. Check kids in. Get a tag. Use the tag to get the child back out of the system. Sage is actually learning about Jesus. There is a curriculum. And he enjoys it. The service is upbeat. Most of the time, the pastor makes it known how to receive Jesus as your personal Savior. But, we felt like something was off. We just couldn't put our finger on it. Our kids enjoyed going. We were hearing the gospel message. And then we realized. The messages always seem to be geared towards people who are down trodden, low on luck (not a good word here, just can't think of a better way to describe it), people who feel oppressed. And how Jesus will set you free. And bless you. And bless you. And bless you. And bless you. Life will be good. Money will be adundant. Disease will be cured.

And that's where we were sickened. Life with Jesus isn't guaranteed to be good. Life will be good, don't get me wrong. But not because Jesus will be blessing you left and right. Life will be good because we have something to live for, something eternal. Something that puts all our problems into light. Eternal life.

I strive for that kind of faith. For the kind of faith that is unwavering when tragedy strikes, the kind of faith that fixes my eyes on Jesus everyday, the kind of faith that doesn't care, that only wants Jesus.

Drew had listened to a message from Cornerstone Church, the church we attended when we lived in Iowa by Jeff Dodge. It is from 1 Corinthians 11:16-33. It is a great message. I encourage you to go and listen. You can get the messages from itunes, for free. No charge. Jeff talks about how Paul was writing against the health and wealth gospel message, to be careful, don't be lured into that. It is easy to be lured into. I did my devotions today, God, what are you going to do for me? I gave sacrificially, God, did you see that?

And that is the reason, we won't be going back to that church. We don't want the health and wealth gospel. We want to live our lives for Jesus. I want to love Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind. I want to love my neighbor as myself. (Matthew 22:37-39)

Do you want Jesus above all?


  1. You are so right. It's so important to be somewhere where it's alright to acknowledge that tough, hard things happen to good people who are living for the Lord - that life isn't perfect just because you're a Christian. You guys definitely could have taken the easy way out and just hung out for a few more months. Sometimes listening to and choosing to obey God are not the easiest paths.

  2. gretchen from lifenutMon Feb 04, 05:41:00 PM

    My alarm bells were going off as I read about the church you were attending. It sounds like they were preaching a "name it and claim it' type of religion, where God exists to give you straight teeth and a nice car.

    It is false teaching. God never promised an easy road. In fact, Jesus said His road is narrow, it is hard. Just yesterday, our pastor noted that when the Bible speaks of "abundant life" you can count on it being ABUNDANTLY joyful, ABUNDANTLY painful, ABUNDANTLY adventurous, either way.

    And that's okay, if we are dying to ourselves and putting Jesus first each and every moment.

    I am glad you saw what was going on and I hope you find a church where the truth is taught and believed. It's not about what God can do for us.

  3. We've had a difficult time finding a church too.. and the church you're describing sounds a lot like the church my sister attends (we've gone with on holidays when we go back home). I don't want a seminar that promises financial return on investment. I don't think that's the point of faith, or of life for that matter. You just have to have unwavering faith no matter what your circumstance, and no that God has a plan. Sometimes it's just really hard to let go and give up control.

    I'm going to have to find the Wii post!!

  4. Good for you and your husband..."Seek ye first the kingdom of God..."

    May God Bless you in your search for the church HE wants you in.


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