Tuesday, January 08, 2008


We will only be living here for 5 more months. And that includes January. 5 months. That is not a long time.

And now, the countdown has begun. The countdown to Drew being done with school for the first time in our six years of marriage, the countdown to having an income for more than three months at a time (except the first two years when I worked), the countdown to moving, the countdown to (maybe) buying our first house, the countdown to adding to our family, the countdown to what we have always called "normal" life, the countdown to no more homework!

We are excited for the possibilities that are in front of us. And, maybe I am a little scared. Scared because we will be moving again. Meeting new friends again. Finding a new church again. Learning my way around a new city. Enrolling Sage in preschool for the first time and all that comes with that. The possibility of a mortgagae.

Excited, scared, and content. We have so many unknowns. Drew is still in the interview process, we are still waiting to hear from some companies. All our friends who are graduating with Drew? They know. They have jobs lined up, one couple has already bought a house, they know what city they will live in. They can picture themselves there. They can start researching things like parks, grocery stores, preschools and churches.

My prayer for myself and Drew is that we will be content in the now. Content to not know, content because we know that God has a plan for us. He will take care of us. And really, who needs to know where they are going to live or grocery shop in 5 months?! There is plenty of time!

For now, I will be content to look forward to all the unknowns, the possibilities.

Maybe, I will start looking for jobs in Hawaii!

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