Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Over Christmas, we travelled to visit relatives. Lots of people do it. We weren't abnormal.

We decided to try it with no double stroller this year. Sage (3) walked and Kolby (1) rode in the Ergo. I wore Kolby on my front, wore the diaper bag messenger style on my back, held Sage's hand and pulled a suitcase behind me.

Drew had his backpack and two more suitcases.

Sage also had a backpack of things that were supposed to keep them busy in the plane. We didn't use many of those things. A computer with a dvd player, a splitter for two pairs of headphones works wonders!

We left very early in the morning, took a taxi to the train station, took the train to Grand Central, took a bus to JFK Airport and finally flew. The days of travelling are long, like 12 hours, but not as long as it would take to drive!

On the way home, we added two more suitcases to our walking circus. Drew had four rolling suitcases, two that were actually rolled with a suitcase attached to each one. I kept Kolby on me, Sage in my hand, the diaper bag, and had two rolling suitcases, one attached to the rolling one.

We were stopped and our carry-ons searched because of Kolby's nebulizer. They said the motor looked suspicious. Funny, on the way there, we weren't stopped to inspect the motor but on the way home, we were. Different airports let you through with different things. I also realized later that both airports let through my hand sanitizer in the diaper bag and on the way home, two sippy cups of juice for the boys. So much for no liquids!

It was a lot of work to get there and back, but totally worth it to see (most of) the cousins!

Sage, 3, Caleb, 3, Kolby, 1, Chase, 3, Danny, 5 and Tate, 5

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  1. Wow that's a lot of Bodin boys and some of them look SO much like their mommy's and daddy's! I'm sure that there was a lot of jumping and running!


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