Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So much to say

And yet, nothing to say all at the same time.

We are closer to knowing where we are moving. Everyday gets us a little closer to our answer.

I am so excited to have a decision made. To start imagining what it will be like. And it wil be all in my imagination since I have never been there! I've been to the state, just not the specific city. This week, we should know for sure. And then I might not ever post again because I will be browsing all the houses for sale! Wait, I have already started doing that.

I am so excited to have a house. With a washer and dryer in it. A washer and dryer in the same living space. No going down to the scary basement, leaving the kids alone in the apartment. No hearing people walk or jump or whatever it is that they do. No hearing the front door to the building open and thinking someone is coming into our apartment. Our own house. With a yard. And, can I hope for a dishwasher that works? A playroom?

A HOUSE! Right, this minute, it doesn't matter where the house is, just that it will be a house. And I will get to make it a home.


  1. I would kill for a house - a house without insane people downstairs who are making me insane.

    I'm so appy for you all. I totally understand that feeling of hearing someone knock and freaking about whether or not the deadbolt is locked... because if it isn't someone is coming in!!!

    yay for you!!!

  2. My husband's an academic and a lot of our life as a family has taken place in this stage of not-knowing where we're going, where we'll be in 6 months...

    Good luck and don't forget to blog now and then while you're house hunting!

  3. I'm sad that you've been to the state but not the city, that means it's not Phoenix. Dangit!
    I'm so happy for you guys.

  4. some more hints please! :)


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