Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I was expressing my disdain for the phrase LOL! to Drew the other day. I can't stand it when authors use LOL! It bothers me to no end. It makes me not want to return to the blog.

Here are my reasons why:

1. When I am reading a paragraph and see LOL!, I automatically think, laugh out loud!. And then when I realize that I haven't even cracked a smile, I wonder, what is this person laughing at?

2. So, then I start thinking that this person has made a joke and I missed it. I go back and reread. And get back to LOL! and am still not smiling nor laughing out loud!.

3. I have decided that people who use the term LOL! must think that either, there joke is so funny, people will actually laugh out loud! or that the joke is not obvious enough (nor funny enough) so people will think that it was serious and not a joke so they have to tell people to laugh out loud!.

Maybe the joke is on me.

Drew came up with his own, POY!, pooh on you! LOL!


  1. I think the reason why it's annoying is that number 3 is true - it's not obvious or funny enough, so they have to tell you to LOL. The only time I LOL is when my kid does something uninentionally funny. Otherwise, not so much. ;)

  2. you know, I used to hate LOL. I usually use my "pftz" because it sounds the way I laugh in person. But I just gave up and started using LOL because it's just easier for the most part. I hate LOL because I picture myself with this big open mouth and (my head is large in this imagined action) rolling face mouthing "L-O-L" literally.

    I'm a freak.


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