Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where has the time gone?

Travelling and family.

Nothing exciting, nobody has gotten sick or hurt... yet.

The kids are taking turns with rides on the snowmobile. Sage is complaining of an ear ache, but insists it is from the plane.

My parents gave us money for a Wii! Funny story, I was at Wal-mart, two days before we left and they announced that there were 11 Wii's in the store. I finished picking out my yogurt, thought about how I wished I could get one for us and then thought about how I could sell it and make a profit. I bought it. Drew was excited to sell it, as was I, but it turned out that 22,000 other people were excited about selling one too. So, after it was sold and ebay took their profit, and paypal took theirs, we would have made maybe $20, maybe. We had a couple people express interest but we didn't find out soon enough. I returned it. Then, we open a card from my parents with cash in it and a poem saying they wanted to get us all Wii's! I am so excited to get home and find one.


  1. Kiki!
    This SAME thing happened to us!!! I was in Target before Thanksgiving getting diapers early one Sunday morning. dEcided I should buy one to sell; found out we wouldn't make any money and returned it. Then Scott's sister said she was looking all over for one and couldn't find one - oops, too late!

    I think it's hilarious we have the same story...although I'm afraid to buy one for us because I don't think I'd get anything in the house done. Maybe that's WHY I should buy one???????? I am going to call you this next week! It's been too long!

  2. Santa bought my boys a wii this year and we are having a BLAST!! All of us!

    You're gonna love it...


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