Sunday, July 01, 2007

Entering Another Contest

I know, I just keep entering. It's kind of like playing the lottery. I keep entering and I keep thinking that the more I enter, the better my chances are! At least I am not wasting a $1 per ticket!

So, go here to enter. Do I need to mention that it is Steph from Adventures in Babywearing again? And then check out SuperMomz. I already see stuff that I want. I have always wanted one of those video monitors? Haven't you? I would love to watch how Bo puts himself to sleep! And next time, I am pregnant, I will definitely be buying a belly band! (To clarify, this is not an announcement, I will make it very clear when it is!)

Oh, and I am entering to win a Moby Wrap!


  1. What is a belly band?

    I have had more friends had more fun with the baby monitor than watching their kids sleep with it. It would be really nice to have!

    Sooner or later you will win...

    Have fun in Ames.


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