Sunday, July 08, 2007

Does she only give things away?

Steph is at it again, giving away another baby carrier. And I am at it again by entering. Go here and check out the site that created and donated this new baby carrier. It is called a Podonbutai, it combines three Asian style carriers. I can't even begin to describe it, except to say, WOW!

I just wonder how all these contests of hers work. I mean, somehow she has to get people to give her stuff to review and then also give one to give away?! And, who pays to ship all this stuff she keeps giving away?! Too many logistics. And running to the post office with three small boys?! I guess that is why one is always attached to her!


  1. Thanks for entering!! I'm very grateful for the awesome people that send me products to review and most often they will send the prize directly to the winner... win/win for me!!


  2. Steph's contests are soo cool! :) I am just proud to be part of this one!

    Good luck!


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