Thursday, July 13, 2006

Vacation etc.

So, we went on vacation, to the midwest. We saw family and friends. Blah, blah blah. Seriously, it was really great and we loved every minute. Now we are home sufferring in the humidity with air conditioning only in our bedrooms.

As we left for vacation, Drew pulls the back door shut, CLICK, and asks
"Do you have your keys?"
"Nope, do you?"
"No, we just locked ourselves out."
"At least we have both kids!"

I look at Drew about to explode and say "We have to laugh and keep going."

The taxi honks out front waiting to take us to the train station. Drew starts walking down the driveway, Kolby is in the Baby Bjorn and Sage runs after his dada. And trips. And scrapes his knee. And cries. Drew doesn't look back. I scoop up Sage and continue rolling suitcase to the taxi.

The taxi and train ride are uneventful. The flight was pretty uneventful except that we sat on the runway for 2 hours. When we got to MN at 10pm that night, I said to Drew "Do you realize we were on the plane long enough to fly internationally? And the kids did great!"

Coming home, took 14.5 hours. Flight, bus, train, taxi. What some people will do for free airline tickets. Airtran.

Breastfeeding. There is your warning. I have been nursing Kolby for 4 months. We have had some problems, reflux but have overcome. Tonight, it seemed like he couldn't get enough. He nursed for a long time on both sides, long time for Kolbs is like 7 minutes per side, pulled off the second and cried. Normally, he would lay down and put himself to sleep. Tonight, he kept cried even after I gave him the pacifier. I picked him up to rock and and give him his passy. He stopped and then realized it was just the pacifier and SCREAMED. I fixed a bottle, he drank 2 ounces and fell asleep. Normally, I would have tried nursing him again, but it had been half an hour. And I have been really sore lately. Also, yesterday since we were travelling, he nursed whenever he made a peep because seriously no one likes a crying baby. I thought today I would be huge and uncomfortable and haven't been at all. Very strange. Thoughts?

Sage turns 2 tomorrow. 2. 2. Let me type it again, 2. Hopefully I can post how sweet he is. The sweetest. 2!


  1. Wow. Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure!! :) I was wondering where you had disappeared to...Not that I can talk. I've become so sporadic in my blogging lately. :(

    Happy Birthday Sage!! Have a wonderful day and a blessed year!


  2. It was awesome to see you. I am curious how you got into your apt when you got home though????

    I hope that you have a fun birthday! I hope your 2s are sweeter than ours!


  3. i am a friend of brenda's from st. louis. i saw your blog thru hers & told her that i felt like we had a lot in common, except that you are funny. we have an 8 mth old & a 2 1/2 yr old. i am still breastfeeding the baby... fun times!! and i can totally relate to the woes of a doddling toddler (who we are finally potty training with a little success). now that, is what i call a *good time*. anyway... i know you don't know me, but brenda told me i should comment anyway.


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