Monday, July 24, 2006

My Favorite

Do you ever play the my favorite game with your spouse? We played yesterday. It is amazing how much we learn about each other just asking what our favorite things are.

Favorite State: His- Minnesota Mine- Colorado (so I have only been there once, but in my mind it is the perfect state)

Favorite Color: His- Black Mine- Green, pink, blue or black (not all together, one at a time, except black, black goes with everything and can be worn all the time)

Favorite Book: the duh factor- Bible for both, non-Bible His: Three Muskateers (who knew?!) Mine: No idea

Favorite Movie: His- the second Lord of the Rings Mine: again, no idea

Favorite Candy: His- 3 Muskateeers Mine- M&M's plain

And as an add on to yesterday's post, Mia Hamm and Kristi Yamaguchi, both born with club foot!

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  1. We have a 6 hour ride tonight - maybe I will have to give it a try. Jason usually won't give me straight answers when I ask questions like than :(


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