Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 Year Old Check Up

Sage is 2! And along with a birthday comes a trip to the pediatrician. He weighs 32lbs putting him in the 95th percentile for weight and is 35 in. tall which is the 75th percentile for height. He gained 4 lbs in the last 6 months! She said that is a big jump, has there been an increase in appetite? Ya think?! Since he eats a kids meal at restaurants and can eat as much as me? And then she looked at porker Kolby and just smiled.

Sage is so sweet. At the mall the other day (escaping the heat of our apartment), I got him out of the stroller and had him stand next to me while I got the high chair ready. He was supposed to hold my leg so I knew where he was and he wouldn't run off. I felt him let go and turned around to see what he was doing. He was leaning over Kolby, kissing his head. Precious. His new word yesterday was "Hollllbbbeeee". I interpret that as Kolby, finally Baby has a name! And Sage is very protective of Kolby. As we had driven to the mall, Sage had falled asleep. I got the stroller out, set it up, put Kolby in and Sage slept on. I got Sage out of the car and as I lifted him into the stroller he said, "Baby?" Making sure that I remembered to get Kolby too. I have yet to forget but he always makes sure that I get him.

The boys took their first bath together. I put Kolby's baby bath in the big tub and filled both up. Sage thought it was pretty cool to bathe with Kolby.

Sage also says cool, sounds like cooohh. And dude, duuuu. He is talking a lot and always asks for daddddyyy in the morning. When I tell him that daddy is at work, he says "Bike?" "Yes, daddy rode his bike." "Hat?" "Yes, daddy wore his bike hat." And then he says "Baby?"

The neighbors across the street bought Sage a kiddie pool for his birthday. We have been enjoying it a lot! Last night, Sage spent about an hour in it. We squirt water guns at each other and he will splash and even try to stick his head in the water. How do we teach him to close his mouth?

Sweet Sage. Sweet Kolby. My two favorite boys.

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  1. Oh I love, love, love this post.

    Your joy at being a mother is so evident. What lucky boys.

    I love the end... Sweet Sage...Sweet Kolby...

    don't you wish we could just bottle the sweetness? a baby book doesn't quite seem to do it.



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