Monday, July 17, 2006

Today we went to my friends house, had lunch and played in the kiddie pool. Sage thought it was great fun. At first, the water was cold and I made him sit down and he cried and then quickly got over it. Of course, I left the camara at home! These are my best friends in the state that I live in, which you probably know but ahem anyway. They are moving. To Texas. I am so sad. I am happy for them because they will be much closer to family and have a wonderful job opportunity but am selfishly sad. I have only known them a year, but it seems like much longer. She is goofy and always makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face. I will miss them a lot. A lot. Tears are now in my eyes threating to spill. And they will move soon. By September 1. And they have 2 vacations to take before then. Time is precious to spend with them. I hope we get to see them often in the next month and a half.

Uh, hello. I forgot to tell you the exciting events that occurred for Sage's 2nd birthday! We went to Friendly's as a family. Sage cried as they sang Happy Birthday and Kolby screamed after they were done! Kolbs was tired though, not sad that they were done. But all was good when he realized they brought him ice-cream (Sage not Kolby, do you really think I would feed my 4 month old ice-cream). Then we came home and sang again, no crying this time and ate cupcakes. He blew out the candle perfectly. I can't get him to say two though. The icing had melted because it was about 8000 degrees in our house. It did that last year too. Someday, we will have central air and the icing on Sage's birthday whatever will not melt. We had considered taking him to Chuckee Cheese and then thought, why start that madness? We had considered having a party for him and again thought, why start that madness? He wouldn't know and would probably be rude to all invited.

Have I told you how rude he can be? It is amazing. And of course only to people we know. At the store, he says hi and bye to everyone. At church, no one and gives them an evil look and turns his face away from them. I talk to him a lot about being kind to everyone. It hasn't worked so far.


  1. Just thought I'd let you know that Leah bawled during the happy birthday song too, and she is rude at church as well. My philosophy about church is that so many people are overwhelming. When it starts thinning out afterwards, she opens up. Happy birthday to your guy!


  2. wow -- sage is 2?? what a little man!! happy birthday to him!

    how was the midwest? i've been a little homesick lately for those cornfields. i just moved into the middle of west philadelphia and love it but am feeling especially far from CR!

    hope you are staying cool in this east-coast heat wave thing...


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