Monday, July 31, 2006

Creative Memories

I have had creative memories stuff (scrapbooking supplies) since I was a senior in high school. My mom and I started because we wanted to get stuff together for my high school graduation. Like a baby book. I started a book about high school and never finished it. I wish it was done, but someday...

Mom became a consultant. I kept thinking how many albums and pictures I have to scrapbook. It does make sense, it is fun and I love to look at picture albums that she had made of some family vacations. Then I had Sage.

I had always vowed that I wouldn't be like my mom. That I would finish all my kids' baby books. We bought a great digital camara and my husband was picture happy. We have a bazillion gazillion pictures of Sage as a baby. And I have barely started that album. Pictures are printed, too many to fit in one album and I always feel overwhelmed.

Then Kolby was born. I haven't finished Sage's one year baby book and now I have two kids! And he was born with club foot. Of course, right away I wanted to make a special scrapbook of Kolby's feet. When I was home in July, I picked out an album, 8 x 10, denim, with natural pages. I was excited and my scrapbooking sense was renewed! I went through the pictures and printed them off at Sam's club.

I have started and am not up to date yet, but close on Kolby's Foot Book. It is really cool. I am a plain scrapbooker. Pictures, paper and a lot of writing. Every page is with a different primary color. Red, green and blue to start. And of course, the pen matches the paper.

When I put it away today after nap time. I was overcome with thankfullness to my mom. She has given me something that I can pass down to my kids. Something special. Something that only I can give them. And I now have a scrapbooking passion! For now, it will remain in my dining room and someday I will have a scrapbooking room.

Thanks mom!


  1. Girl - you aren't alone! I have Ally's book done until about 10 months (when I found out I was prego again). I have Drew's name in his. I vowed to work on it this summer and it has gone with us to WI on every trip!

  2. Awww - yeah thanks Sandy! :) She's great, huh?


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