Saturday, July 29, 2006


I breastfeed. In public. In my house. In my car. Where ever we happen to be, I breastfeed Kolby. I am not ashamed or embarassed. I discreetly whip it out. I rarely use a blanket. I wear an Isabelly cover. It looks like a tank top that stops right under the bra leaving your nursing bra available. I wear one almost everyday. It makes nursing anywhere easier. I don't use a blanket because my back and side are not exposed to the world. And Kolbys head is large enough to cover everything else!

I am not embarrassed when other women breastfeed. It is normal, natural and a lot easier than bottles. I nursed Sage until he was 9 months old and then weaned him to formula and a bottle. I had to think about how long I would be gone and take the appropriate bottles and formula. I probably should have been taking water too. When I nurse, it doesn't matter how long I am going to be gone. I just take a couple diapers. And when Kolbs is hungry, I feed him. It is easy. I know not everyone has an easy time of breastfeeding, but I do.

Now, I am not saying this is all roses. Because every rose has thorns. Kolby is with me all the time. I am the only one who can feed him. Sometimes, comfort him. And sometimes, that feels suffocating. He does take a bottle veeerrryyy slowly, but he will take it and I am blessed to have a patient husband to feed him, about once a week when I leave the house without the kids.

And, right on time, Kolby cries because he is hungry and I will go nurse him!

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  1. I will be much more comfortable whipping it out next time. I was always apologizing all over myself last time. That's so dumb. It's our stupid society that has sexualized the breast to the point of idiocy...

    I didn't realize you were updating! I have you on bloglines I thought, but it isn't showing me that you updated! Grrr!

    When did you first feel Kolbster move?

    I want to meet him!

    Scott was cracking up at your mom's pictures of him from EIBC...he adores chubby babies for some reason!


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