Thursday, August 18, 2005

I hate puking

Not that anyone enjoys it, but I really hate it. Guess why I puked this morning? Because I was brushing my teeth and looked at the dirt on my bathroom counter. This was at like 11am when I finally showered. Maybe it is a sign that I should clean more often. Not that I didn't know that!
The other day I puked at Sam's Club. We ate pizza and then I ran to the bathroom. Luckily no one else was in there! I have puked more with this pregnancy than with S. Maybe it is a girl. I hope we get to find out.

I am having a hard time adjusting to this new situation. D keeps saying that we would have had to move anyway and that it would be hard anywhere. BUT, we would have stayed in the midwest, within driving distance of family and friends. It is really hard for me to think that I won't see family until Christmas. I will be 6 months pregnant! That seems so far away! D will have completed one semester of graduate school. I just miss my best friend. I miss seeing them everyday and playing with the boys and doing fun things with them. I want to go home. This doesn't feel like home. It feels like way too long of a vacation with no fun things happening.
Surely, it will get better.

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  1. Oh, that was the worst feeling in the world. I remember exactly a year ago this month I felt SOOOOOOOO bad and, well, just gross. Do you want a girl or a boy or no preference? I know what you mean about feeling away from home...even though it would be awesome to go to London I felt that way, too, wanting to stay near family.

    It WILL get will gradually make new friends and things will seem more like home. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

    Praying for you, kiki!




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