Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Boring, Hot Day

It is just another boring, hot day here. I am really tired of this hot weather. I have decided that I want to live where the only seasons are spring and fall. Although, I like winter better than summer. It is just too hot and humid. Enough complaining.

I haven't been sick with my pregnancy. I am tired a lot and sometimes don't feel the best but definitly liveable. Sometimes, I think my I don't feel good times are all in my head and then I run to the toilet and almost puke and think, maybe not.

Last night, we sat on the back porch with our Italian neighbors and ate Hagandaz ice cream. It is our new favorite ice cream and my favorite combination is chocolate and coffee. So good. We enjoy talking with them and as always stayed up too late. It is fun building relationships with people but why is it so hard to share my love for Christ with them? I mean, we say things but most of the time, they are just silent after we say something spiritual. It will be interesting over the next few months. They will go back to Italy next May or June.

Yesterday, I took S to Target and we ate lunch there. I just love Pizza Hut personal pan cheese pizza! He is getting to be such a big boy. He can drink out of a straw so he is always wanting me to share my drink with him. I had diet coke so I didn't but as we were leaving I got lemonade and he really like that! I got him his own cup with a straw too. I still haven't gotten him off the bottle. No one seems too concerned so I guess I'm not either!

Does anyone have the Maclaren Twin Traveller stroller? Any comments about it except that it is expensive? I think that is what we are leaning towards. We aren't going to purchase it until February or March or maybe wait until after the baby is born.

D is thinking about buying an ellipitcal machine and wants to know if i will use it at home. I want to say yes, because I think that I would but I don't want to get blamed if I don't. However, it would sit in our living room staring at me while I watched tv so maybe that would be good incentive. He thinks I would be happier if I was able to exercise more. Happier with my body and happier in general. He is right. I just can't leave the house without Sage and I don't have anyone to watch him. And I don't really like videos. I don't know why.

Enough rambling. Oh, tomorrow, I get to go shopping with a friend and her new baby and I get to go without S! D is going to spend time with him! D worked 90 hours last week so is taking Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off! We might be going camping. Hopefully, it won't be too hot! And yes, I did say friend! I met her through D, he works with her husband. We actually met them for lunch when we came to visit to see if we wanted to move here. She had a baby about a month ago.

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