Saturday, August 27, 2005

Elephants upstairs?

New neighbors just moved in upstairs and I think they might be some sort of human elephant breed. They look normal but they are the loudest steppers I have ever heard. This morning I woke up to them at 6:58am! Ummm, my baby wasn't even awake yet. Why am I waking up before him? That is just not right.

More exciting subjects, Sage is trying more and more to walk everyday. It is so fun to see him and cheer him on. We have to be careful and only encourage him when he is walking because if we clap when he falls he thinks falling is cool and he will stand and then fall and laugh. His foot has straightened out. Of course, right after I ask people and get all paranoid.

The weather is finally beautiful. It has been in the 70's all week. I am loving it. Except that I am still sickly so I don't always get out to enjoy it.

Drew starts school at Yale on Wed. He has had orientation this week which has been so nice because it was just in the mornings and he was home in the afternoons. I love hanging out with him and just having him around. Last night he went to Happy Hour at the A & A building (Art and Architecture). Yale provides beer and soda and it is on the roof every Friday night. Crazy. He had fun meeting his school mates. Maybe next week we can get a sitter and I can go with him!

We went to the Farmers Market this morning and got yummy peaches, apples, raspberries, corn and tomatoes! I was glad to see fruits and veggies. I hadn't been in a long time and the first couple of times that I went, they only had bread, pastries, milk and meat. But this time they were loaded with the good stuff!


  1. hahaha! that is so funny - elephants...too funny!

    Anyway, how are you? I love reading your blog. Keep it up!


  2. Hey did Sage have an exercauser when he was smaller?

    I just ordered one for Lu and am hoping it was worth the money!

  3. I love reading your blog too! I hope you start feeling better soon and are able to enjoy the weather. Hey, I just tried to email Karoline at Wash but it came back to me. Is she no longer working there? Do you know where she is or what her email address is???


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