Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun Weekend

We went camping in Rhode Island. I had never been to Rhode Island. It is very beautiful. It was a last minute decision. Friday morning, D was supposed to go sailing and then we were going to try to camp after that but it was looking impossible. Then, sailing was out because the weather forecast was for thunderstorms and since they were going to go on the open ocean water, it wasn't a great idea. So at 8am, we decided to drive to RI anyway and see if we can find a place to camp. We packed up all our stuff and left by 10. We took the scenic route and drove across RI and started at the farthest point away looking for a camp site. By the time we found one (at the campground we called and they said they have some- surprise!) it was about 1. I am starving, Sage had drank some milk but he was hungry and I was getting to the point that I felt like throwing up I was so hungry. So we went and looked at our campsite which was gorgeous. And headed to find a McDonalds and a Wal-Mart because we hadn't packed any food. There was a Super Wal-Mart about 3 miles away. We bought an air mattress too because we realized we had forgotten ours and a pump. Now, we have two air mattresses! By the time we got back to camp it was 3:30 so we started setting up our tent and stuff. As we are setting it up, it is thundering. But it never did rain the whole time we were there.

We had to go back to Wal-Mart because the pump we bought didn't work and we thought of a few more things that we needed. So we ended up eating at McDonalds for dinner again. Not S, he had good food. At lunch, we tried giving him a chicken nugget and he didn't really like it. I was surprised.

That night, we put S to bed like normal. He is screaming. He stands up in his pack-n-play pulls the window cover down and looks out at us screaming. We should have taken a picture it was so cute. So, we decided to keep him up longer and then take him for a drive to get him to fall asleep. Worked perfectly. I transfer him to his bed and he sleeps. Until after I get ready for bed and enter the tent. He wakes up. By this time, it is after quiet hours (which are strictly enforced) and we are trying to keep him quiet. He falls asleep laying on my chest so I try to move him to his bed again. He sleeps for a little bit (not long enough for me to sleep) and wakes up and the process is repeated. I lost track of how many times this happens but around 1, I can't take it anymore. My back is hurting and I can't get him to quiet down. Another car ride to Wal-Mart with D going in to see if he can find a fan that runs on batteries for white noise- no such luck. We get back to camp, transfer him to bed and all is good until 7:15am. He even slept through 2 car alarms!

Saturday, we head to the beach with beautiful sand and real ocean waves. We took a picnic lunch and had a great time. S even walked in the sand which was a first. He would cry as soon as his feet touched sand and lift his legs. Very funny. He was not appreciative of the water coming up to him and getting his feet wet! Then we headed back to the campsite but stopped for ice-cream. S had fallen asleep before we were out of the parking lot so we drove around some to let him sleep.

That night, we roasted hot dogs and tried a new approach to getting S to sleep. A lot of prayer and a stroller walk. He woke up once, took the rest of his milk, slept unitl 5:45, took another stroller ride and slept until 7. We ate breakfast, packed up and drove home which took one hour and twenty five minuts with S and I sleeping the whole way and a grasshopper clinging for dear life to our front window!

S and I ate lunch as soon as we got home, I promptly threw it all up and laid on the couch the rest of the day. At 7, I went to bed and got up at 7 this morning. D is so great for taking care of S last night, finishing dinner, giving him a bath, playing with him and putting him to bed. He was up at 4:45 so I hope we haven't messed up his sleeping through the night routine with our camping trip!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Did you take any pics? I'm sure you get this asked a lot, but...any chance you'll post some pics? I haven't sees S since the shower at R and J's in CR!


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