Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What Our Morning Looks Like

The boys wanted to play outside this morning. In pajamas, socks, and crocs. And I let them. And took their picture. As I was taking it, Sage said "You're taking our soldier picture, right Mom?" They lasted two minutes before it got too hot in their soft pajamas.

And here's Levi. I fed him mashed avocado for breakfast and have kept dumping handfuls of Cheerios on his tray for entertainment purposes. You can see that by the third or fourth handful, he is unimpressed.

Since I started writing this all of five minutes ago, Sage is now playing Legos and he's kind of hungry. Kolby is out on the deck riding his scooter. He keeps sliding open the door. In the last five minutes, I've said "Shut the door." about 100 times. And Sage is so hungry. He's always hungry.

And now we're on to drawing pictures.


  1. Don't you love boys and their short attention spans.

  2. Treasure these moments - they are too soon gone! Again, thanks for sharing!

  3. They are adorable. Checked out pioneer woman...everything looked so good.


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