Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Thursday

Remember when I was featured on Hair Thursday? Way back in February of 2008?

Well, I was. I went with option number one. I was ready for a change. A big change. It wasn't cute.

I blame myself. I went to a new stylist. I didn't have a regular stylist and I was told she was really good. She cut it way too short. Anyway. You have to give me credit for cutting it.

So, Sarah James, who writes Hair Thursday was on Rachel Ray. And guess who else was on their?

That's right, yours truly.

Click here to watch the segment. Look for me at minute marker 1:12 or around there.



And now I have to clarify, this is after the stylist fixed it. It just got worse when I tried doing it myself. Man, those were some short bangs. Well, hello nose.


  1. Ha! I saw you...that's awesome!

  2. Congrats on your star appearance! And, BTW, you have ALWAYS been way too hard on yourself. You are beautiful and you won't convince me to think differently...regardless of the length of your bangs ;) Love you!

  3. You're famous! :) And I've got to say, having seen that haircut in real life, I thought it was super cute. I know the short bang can be hard to maintain and deal with, and that the most important person to be happy with your hair is YOU, but that hair cut made you look super slim through the face and made your cheekbones look fantastic. So don't worry-- you didn't walk around looking awful for a few weeks!

  4. I like it. Change is good, it's so hard to change hair, for some reason we think that's all we got going for us wants me have babies. lol!
    You're beautiful!

  5. We watched you! How fun is that? PS Glen says it wasn't fun. :) He votes for the before picture. I agree, it's good to change things sometimes, but isn't it great that hair grows?

  6. yay! so fun to see you on TV!

  7. Your post had me cracking up. You are beautiful - short bangs and all!


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