Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dear Dhavood,

Today is your birthday! You are five years old! Five is such a fun age.

I wonder what you're going to do, if anything to celebrate. I wonder if your birthday is just another day? I don't know the traditions of your culture.

If I were with you I would have a balloon for you. And a singing card. I would have presents for you to open. Cupcakes and an ice-cream cake.

I don't know much about you, Dhavood or much about what makes you, you. In the short time that I have known about you, I have fallen in love with you. Your sweet face.

I pray that you come to know Jesus. That you learn that He is your friend.

I hope that someday we can meet you, face to face.

And I would try not to cry. Too much.



  1. SO SWEET!
    Someday, I want to meet my little Mariyah too.

  2. awesome, Kristy--I think he even looks like Sage. :) Did I say that the last time you posted that picture?


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