Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Saturday Spew

I forget that I set my comments to moderate and then forget to check and publish them! So fun getting comments!


I got to get out of the house today. Without any boys! Me time was much needed. I got my haircut, eyebrows threaded, bought some new um, unmentionables at a store that I don't take the boys, it starts with a V and ends with a Secret and got running shorts and a sports bra. I knew I needed a new one, but I didn't realize what a difference it was going to make! It didn't make me like the middle of my work out though. That would truly be a miracle bra!

I tried on a beautiful dress just because I wanted to. And I tried on lots of stuff at Old Navy and ended up getting stuff for the boys. All baby clothes are $5!

I also got to run without pushing a stroller and not on a treadmill.

All in all, it's been a pretty perfect day for me.


Yesterday, we went to the rodeo or I should say, we tried to go to the rodeo. We had planned to go to work with Drew and the boys and I would go to a park downtown while he had a meeting. I noticed before we left that Kolby's eye was really blood shot. He's had a cold for, forever.

By the time we were leaving the park for the rodeo it looked worse. At the rodeo, I realized I should probably be taking him to the doctor since it was Friday and if I waited, it could turn into an ER visit. I called and got a 4pm appointment. He was still in pretty good spirits, just seemed miserable. And looked white trash. He had an accident so he was wearing the too small sweatpants that were in the diaper bag, had a runny nose and his eye was constantly watering and mattering. And often, he was crying for some reason or another.

Next year, we'll have to do more at the rodeo. And go when no one is sick. Or potty training.

We did get to eat there which fulfilled one of my desires. The boys gobbled up corn dogs and fries and Drew commented that we should keep corn dogs around for a quick meal. We probably won't be doing that! I got a chicken bar-b-que sandwich and a $2.50, 20oz Coke. The sandwich was yummy and I already look forward to getting it next year! And more. We didn't see any deep fried food like snickers or oreos and I really wanted to try those.

Our day ended with me taking Kolby and Levi to the doctor and Drew delivering a meal to friends who just had a baby. We got Kolby's prescription filled at Target where I bought him a big red bouncy ball.

As we got home, he bounced it happily on the path to our house. He ran after it and SMACK fell and hit his head on our gravel concrete. I didn't see blood right away and thought it was just a bad SMACK. Seriously, I can still hear it and it makes me shudder. When we got inside, we saw a hole in his head. I thought we were headed to the ER for stitches but we determined it wasn't big enough. Deep enough, yes. Wide enough, no.

Cars (the movie), pizza and root beer ended our day on a high.


  1. Kristy, I know you have followed MckMama's blog in the past, have you read it today? Baby Stellan is pretty sick and could use lots of prayers. Just thought I would let you know.


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