Friday, March 13, 2009

Pajama Day

It's cold here, in the 40's and rainy so I declared today pajama day.

Here's what my living room looks like at 4 in the afternoon of pajama day.

Just keepin it real here y'all. Sage is wearing Christmas pajamas and I don't care.
The play mat is upside down, at least the baby wasn't laying on it, every bin of toys has been taken out of the bookshelves, and quite a few of the toys are on the floor or what floor is left after pulling out all the bins. And the clutter on top of the bookshelf, not supposed to be there and I can't even blame it on the 3 and 4 year old!

Pajama days are a great idea until about five o'clock when I realize Drew will be home soon and then the mess of the house starts to really get to me. If only I could close the door on that room and walk away.


  1. we occasionally declare pajama day in our house, too. actually, we had 2 this week, since A's been sick. only difference is, around 4 p.m. we get dressed before daddy comes home. :) i guess we haven't learned to really keep it real quite yet. wait 'til #2 gets here...

  2. What a glorious mess! :) With Rob gone for days upon days right now, I have really let things get messy. My parents came over tonight for dinner and I was all, "CRAP! Must make house presentable!" Now I have until Wednesday before I have much motivation to clean it again.

  3. I have wanted to say before that I LOVE those pics above the mantle. Did you take them? They are so great!

    I am laughing about the Christmas pajamas - I think Asher is still wearing some Halloween ones. Hey, I figure they grow out of them fast enough, why not wear them instead of waste them? We are trying to be more conscious of our re-using choices in our house. It has been good.


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