Friday, March 06, 2009


After I wrote my Quiet post, I got on the phone. Today, I finally left a message for the right person. I talked to the speech pathologist at the school for a while this morning and heard what the process will be and what she thinks will happen from hearing what I had to say.

I am encouraged that the ball is rolling, that help is attainable, that the mountain doesn't look so steep.

I know a speech delay is really not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, neither was walking at 18 months. But, it can get overwhelming in the moment.

Answers will come, speech will come.

He really is a great kid!

And he turns 3 on Monday!


  1. So glad you were able to feel like you could take a step forward today.

  2. He is a great kid and you guys are great parents. I bet he starts making lots of progress right off the bat.

  3. Kristy, this is random - don't know if you remember me from Cornerstone, but I happened on to your page tonight from Brenda Willis' blog. Our oldest daughter Ava sounds VERY similar to your Kolby. She walked at 18 mos after physical therapy, has been going to speech since 2, has had 2 eye surgeries and is just now being understood on the phone by my mom at 8yrs.

    We have had her on a special diet that just flipped a switch in her since August. If you'd ever want to "talk" my email is anna.pearl AT gmail dot com. It's a really tough thing to handle a kid that seems developmentally delayed... it seemed everytime we took a step forward, we'd find that there was a new delay to deal with. God has been so faithful through our journey, and I know the same will be true for you. I hope you feel free to contact me... even if you have no desire to try a diet or anything... when I was where you are at now I felt very alone and like I was re-inventing the wheel sometimes while trying to get help.

    Praying for you-
    Anna Hughes

  4. So glad you are getting connected with the right people. It's amazing the passion, energy, and innovation those therapists have. When will he start?


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