Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back up

I was all set to take part in this weeks You Capture. I took my pictures of some reflections in some windows. They were pretty cool. I can tell you that because I can't show them to you.

Drew emptied the memory card after I took them, before today.

So I give you this instead. At least my mom will like it.


  1. This made me smile too! Will miss your family this weekend as the Miller clan gathers in DeWitt.

  2. Not many sounds in the world are better than a laughing baby. Too cute!

  3. Aunt Karoline likes it too. What a happy guy!

  4. Wrong - Mom LOVES it!!How can one not smile or laugh out loud when you hear those precious little giggles! Give Levi a squeeze from Grandma...Sage and Kolby, too!
    Miss you so much,

  5. The boys sitting there, watching, totally straight-faced, that is the best part ot if all.


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