Sunday, March 08, 2009

Matchbox Cars

We have approximately 8 million matchbox cars. Both boys like to line them up, sometimes it's a parking lot, sometimes just a line.

But, don't mess with it.

Tonight, Kolby messed with Sage's line. A fight broke out. A threat was made.

"If you guys keep fighting over your matchbox cars, we're going to give them away to kids who won't fight over them."

Sage answers "Well, all kids fight over them."


  1. Happy birthday Kolby! May all your cars be especially fast for you today.

  2. Drew lines them up too - it must be a boy thing.

  3. gretchen from lifenutTue Mar 10, 01:09:00 PM

    My boys will back your boys up on that...

    I've made similar threats.

  4. Praying Kolby had a great birthday - it was funny how he tried to tell me his presents before he opened them!
    Last year this time you were visiting Houston, looking for a house, and so excited that this year at this time you would be wearing flip-flops! Enjoy!! Love, Mom

  5. No, baby yet. Any day, praying for her to come tonight! I crack up at your reading them.

  6. oh my gosh... i'm glad i'm not the only mom that goes through exactly the same thing everyday... esp. w/ the it breaking out in a fight! i think we have about a million... not 8 million, but almost! my boys line them up too... must be a boy thing! loved your idea about pajama day... must do that over school holidays :)


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