Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Kolby is speech delayed.

We had him evaluated. And he failed.

And I knew that he would. I knew right after the test that he did.

But today I got the report.

And it made me want to cry.

Because it made it real.

Because that's my baby.

And he is smart.

And good. Sometimes.

He just can't talk.


That's what I kept telling myself. Yet.

Someday, he was just going to explode with language.

Except he hasn't.

And he turns 3 on Monday.

And it is hard to understand him. All the time.

And sometimes embarrassing to drop him off at his classes.

Sorry, you can't understand a word he says!

We can only understand 5!

Good luck!

And now the phone calls begin.

And trying to get him the right help.

One word he does say clearly: Why?


  1. I'm so sorry. That is so hard, espcially because he is your baby. I hope that you find someone to help who you really love.

  2. Oh Kristy, I am so sorry. :( Not sorry that you got an evaluation and he "failed" (because now you can move forward and get the right people to help him), but sorry for the pain and sadness and difficulty. He's so amazing and funny and sweet and it must be so hard to see him struggle with communicating. I know you know this, but you're doing the right things and the earlier you get him help, the less effect it will have long-term. Hang in there...

  3. Ah, the phone calls to get the right help. That has been my life lately.

    I am sorry, Kiki, but I am glad he has you for a Mama! :) He sounds alot like my little Ash.

  4. In My Blessing Book you all gave me, there is a quote that says (as if Kolby were talking:) "My Mom's favorite verse for me is Romans 10:15b How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news! God has healed my bilateral club feet; My Mom says it is because my feet are going to take His good news everywhere I go!"

    Now I am reminded of God's words to Moses and the obvious application: "Who has made man's mouth? Or who makes him deaf or dumb...." I am certain that Kolby will talk and talk well. There is no doubt he is already a great communicator!

    Love from a totally unprejudiced and praying Grandma

  5. I'm so sorry Kristy! I'm glad you got a definitive answer and can start therapy. *hugs*

  6. oh I understand your pain. Drew has yet to pass a hearing test since birth - even though his language is fine and he seems to hear every word I say three rooms away. We are trying to work with our ped to see if it is just the wax build up or if there really is a problem.

    Praying for you!

  7. I love you and your tenacity. Kolby couldn't have asked for better parents to help him through any hurdle he faces in life. And, he couldn't have a bigger God right by his you and praying for you!


  8. I'm sorry, Chunk. I love you guys and will be praying for him as you figure out the best way to help him.

  9. Chunk - no better mama could he have than the one God blessed him with in you. You have been such an awesome advocate for him from day one. Love, Kers P.S. And if you are interested I have a friend who has her masters in speech therapy. She is from Houston but currently lives in Dallas but she might no someone or some places. Let me know if you want me to ask her.

  10. Give him a big hug from Aunt Mindy! Sage and Levi too. :) Just realized his birthday card will probably be late . . .

  11. i'm so sorry to hear... my nephew has a speech delay and they got help from the public school for free. Worth checking into maybe..


  12. i think every mom has at least one child with one of these things, you know? like, one of ours didn't walk until she was over 1 1/2, because she was terrified of falling! and with that, came all the times she was with her sunday school class, or friends, and everyone else was buzzing around, and she liked to just sit, or scoot around on her bottom- didn't even crawl! and then, one day, she just decided to try walking, and then never looked back. i'm sure it will be the same for him- isn't it amazing, all the things children can understand, even if they can't "speak" it yet? and in the meantime, there are so many awesome people out there that can help! we loved meeting with our physical therapist! it was fun! (but in the end, i don't think the sessions made any difference, other than teaching me a few things to teach her...but really, she just needed to decide- she had all she needed to do it and just needed to be ready. it's made me MUCH more relaxed for my other kids... they are all SOOO different, and i see the value of just relaxing, cheering them on, but letting them "get it", whatever it is, when they will naturally. i'm sure you know what i mean...sorry it took so many words to say it! :)




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