Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twinkle Toes

My mom used to call me twinkle toes. Or so I'm told. She came up with that fabulous nickname because my toes were so long. And because I have a special talent with my long toes.

I can make them in a pattern of one sticking forward, one backward, forward, backward.

I know, don't be jealous. It could've been my talent in a beauty pageant. I could have gotten a pedicure and wowed them with my toes.

My friend's mom used to say I could play the piano with my toes.

I digress.

I've passed on my twinkle toes!

Levi twinkles with the best of them.

I tried to capture it on camera but moving baby feet are hard to photograph. I took a picture of my twinkle toes. And then deleted it.

Just imagine.

Big toe. Pointer toe forward, middle toe back, ring toe forward, pinkie toe back.

It's a gift, y'all.


  1. I can only imagine the joy it gave you to see Levi's twinkle toes.

  2. I think a pedicure would be a good excuse so that you could post a picture of this.

  3. Aaaaaaah! Crazy toes! Run awaaaaaaaay...

  4. Okay, now I really want to see your toes in this talented formation. Come on, post it...

  5. you DO have very long toes. Isn't there something about long toes meaning the body of a goddess?

  6. mindy, you're sounding just like Sandy. I can hear her saying that.


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