Saturday, February 07, 2009

Because If I Don't Write it Here, It's Like It Never Happened

Levi did go to his two month doctor appointment a couple weeks ago. Stats were 13lbs. 9 oz., 23 inches long and his head is 16 inches. It put him in the 50th percentile for height and 90th for weight. And I thought he looked proportional!

Kolby went to the doctor for his feet. Again, everything looks perfect and we are just staying the course. He will continue wearing his shoes and brace at night and we'll see the doctor in a year. I only have to email him when we need bigger shoes.

I checked the archives of my blog to find out how much Kolby weighed at 2 months, at 8 weeks, he was 15 lbs. 2 oz with casts on, so I guessed he was really 14 lbs. When Levi went to the doctor he was really over 2 months, about 10 weeks.

Here are all three boys at about the same age. Who do you think Levi looks like? To me, there is an obvious answer.

And I know, I just posted that picture of Levi but I was hard pressed to find another one of him. I know, poor third child.

Part of it is that I have looked at too many blogs of moms who are photographers, have an awesome camera, know what they're doing and have good backgrounds. So, I start to take a picture and it looks horrible to me so I think why bother. Not the best attitude to have, I realize that now and will snap more pics of Levi because he is stinking cute!


  1. When I was looking at the first picture, I thought: "Levi really does looks like Sage." You convinced me! Give them all a squeeze from Grandma....
    Miss y'all!

  2. I didn't scroll down right away and thought the first picture WAS Levi--and I thought he looked like Sage, but of course, that's because it is Sage! At first I thought Levi looked like Kolby; now I think he looks like Levi.

  3. Well you picked the pics but definitely more like Sage. Crazy how they change as their faces get chubby. Speaking of - his percentiles are the same as Hank's present ones :)

  4. Totally Sage. Those Bodin genes are strong!

  5. I assumed that Levi was first and didn't realize I was wrong until reading the comments! So I guess it is obvious that he is a replica of Sage. I see the Bodin in him. Does he have much Steffen?


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