Thursday, February 05, 2009

Monster Jam

I love being a mom of 3 boys. I love sending them with their dad to do boy things. He takes them to play basketball, soccor, baseball, football. Sometimes, I go and watch or play, sometimes I stay home and do home things. But last weekend, I decided to go. At first, I was excited and then I was like what am I doing? A monster truck show?!

Above is stadium set up for the time trials.

We got the idea from our friends, Amanda and Curtis. Amanda told me Curtis was plannng to take Jackson. And I thought Drew should take Sage and Kolby. The next thing I know, we're all going and meeting for pizza rolls before heading to Reliant Stadium.

I must have some redneck in me because I loved the show. I was so surprised at how fun it was to watch big trucks jump over a mound of dirt and get air. I think I had a silly grin on my face almost the entire time. I was kind of embarrassed. I thought it would be something I would just tolerate.

There were two parts to the show. Time trials where they race against each other and whichever truck got around the rink, circle, field (what is it called?) three times the fastest, won. Sometimes, it was a photo finish and sometimes the monster truck lost control. But they always got air going over the jump and it always made me grin.

Above: Is that not cool?! I'm embarrassed to tell you how many pictures I took of trucks jumping over cars in the air. Let's just say, there were 12 trucks, 6 match ups, a first round, second round and a final. I took at least one pic for every trial, you do the math.

There were some little trucks that came out to race too. I don't know the significance of these but I chose the Jeep to root for because I was pretty sure my brother, who needs to update his blog was driving. Of course, I'm kidding, he wasn't driving but it made me think of him. And, of course, the Jeep stopped racing, I guess it had some sort of engine trouble or something, it didn't crash but I could just hear my brother talking about how he would have won if his Jeep didn't putter out on him. Anyway, here's the Jeep. Did you know I've always wanted a Jeep Wrangler?

The second part of the show was freestyle. They changed up the course and the trucks could come do whatever they wanted. Apparently, I was enjoying the show too much at this point and took way less pictures. Except of the awesome crashes!

Are you wondering the boys reactions to all this?

Here's Levi:

He slept about half the time and the other was snuggled down in the sling with one ear pressed against me and the other ear I pressed close with my hand.

He also had those squishy ear plugs.

Here's Kolby:

And Sage:

He's thanked God repeatedly for Monster Jam!

In recap, we had a blast. It was loud. I smiled a lot. The boys loved it.


  1. That is awesome!! What a great Mom you are. Their faces are precious and it is obvious that they loved it.

  2. Oh the boys would LOVE that... we took them once a while back and haven't done it again. It was expensive! Anyway, looks like you had a blast!


  3. Oh dear, I am totally laughing about you all going to a monster truck show. I am so out of touch with the world of boys :) but I really do think that we learn to enjoy the things that make our kids happy.

    You asked about our cloth diapers and right now I'm using the stash of small Fuzzi Bunz I used with Grace. I am slowly building up my medium stash because I sold them all before we moved. I've had such iffy experiences with one-size diapers; I'm not sure if I'll try the new FB one. I'm still loving the regular FBs of course and the Green Acre ones, and I'm actually considering getting some prefolds!!! Just for around the house, and just because someone knit me a wool cover.

    Sorry about your technical issues with Blogger; is this what you wanted to know?

  4. What a great example of "try it, you might like it!" Glad you ALL had a great time (even Levi enjoying a nap). Your story and pics made me smile.

  5. We had so much fun! I am attributing the fact that we already have our baby girl to all the excitement (and walking) of that night.

  6. Kristy, I don't know if I'm going to show this to Tate and Chase or not! Glad you had so much fun. I think seeing your boys have so much fun has a lot to do with how much fun you have!

  7. Your boys are adorable. It looks like they had a wonderful time.

  8. Hi Kristy! This is Amber Pierce, I'm one of the teachers of Sage's Sunday School class. Along with Miss Brenda and Mr. Joey (or Miss Judy, whichever name suits him best!). I stumbled across your blog while at work (I do sooo much at work!). I was looking through the Twitter followers of HFBC thinking I would probably know some of them and I recognized you! I just wanted to tell you what a little ray of sunshine Sage is every Sunday morning!! We've had so much fun with him and I just want to thank you for letting us spend that time with him every week. I truly look forward to seeing him walk in that door each time! He is so precious and you're a great mom! P.S. Thanks for the delicious treats at Christmas! They were inhaled and disappeared in a matter of days. Maybe hours.

    <3 Amber

  9. So you thought you were better than us rednecks did ya? Ha Ha! Monster trucks are cool!!!!


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