Thursday, February 19, 2009

Manly Men

Bear Grylls drinking turtle blood.

My boys have a new obsession. Bear Grylls.

Sage got a pizza server, sliced his stuffed pandas throat, bent down and slurped soome blood and then told Kolby "Drink the blood, Bo. It has so much protein."

Okay so he didn't tell him it has a lot of protein but that would have been really good since that's what Bear said.

Kolby drank the blood. While Sage went to slaughter another bear.

They also like to pretend that grapes are grasshoppers and eat them.

Would you believe we talked about naming Levi, Bear? We did. I know. Lord, help us if we have a fourth boy!


  1. My hubs is also obsessed with Bear Grylls.

    As long as you wouldn't name him Marmaduke!

    Thanks again for your encouraging words. I feel like I just had a temper tantrum. I'm exhausted.

  2. Hey I found you in bloggyland! You might want to watch those boys carefully...I heard about an episode where Bear drinks his own urine...
    -Steph O.

  3. I think Bear is a great name. I was actually surprised that Levi was Levi! I love it. It works with Sage and Kolby. Some kid was running around in Target today and her name was Sage. I didn't like that. I also don't like that there is a kid named Ashtyn in Asher's class. They call her "Ash". UGH. And what about Eero? If you have another boy, great name.

    I actually really like the name Stephan. But Stephan Steffen might be a bit redundant.

    It's got to be so much fun at your house. Whenever I think of your family I think of my family, before me! ;)

    I am home all day tomorrow - will send you my phone number! It would be nice to talk!

  4. And you could always call Levi "Bear" as a nickname. :)


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