Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I should be packing but this is more fun

This lovely picture is me and Drew in his dorm room at Iowa State. There is something in particular that I want you to notice. Drew's eyebrows.

Here's the story. The summer before this picture was taken, he worked at Mt. Carmel Bible Camp in Alexandria, MN. He used Sun-In. He claims that Sun-In misted down from his hair to his eyebrows. On one occasion, he said that maybe some Sun-In got on a q-tip and onto his eyebrows.

He still gets teased. Mainly by me when we find old pictures. I think his eyebrows stayed this white for the next 3 years.


  1. Maybe he was just so inspired by his blonde bombshell girlfriend :)

  2. Nice! I definitely remember hearing this story. =)

  3. What a funny memory...that he'll never live down...ever...because of pictures...SO funny!

  4. we totally remember this. too funny. thanks for posting. ah, fun college memories...


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