Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday. 29.

Drew temporarily forgot. Sage reminded him. It sounds worse than it was. I had bought my own present about a month ago so he didn't really have any prep work. And the day before, he was taking his last final from 7 pm - 11 pm and studied all day.

And we were still laying in bed when Sage reminded him. So, to give him the benefit of doubt, I am sure he would have remembered before the day was over, probably pretty quickly after getting out of bed.

The most exciting part of the day was getting an ultrasound. I am 11 weeks along. We even got a 3D ultra sound, a perk of going to a research hospital!

We ended the day with a family dinner to Friendly's and then to the Awana Awards Ceremony where unknowingly to me, I had to hand out the Cubbies awards. I got promoted from helper to teacher in January when the teacher had to take a job and couldn't make it to Cubbies anymore. I was not sad to see Cubbies come to a close. Some nights, I thought, I should have been a preschool teacher but most nights I was thinking how much longer until their parents come?


  1. Another handsome/beautiful grandbaby on the way! Thank you Lord!!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Aren't 3D ultrasounds neat? I had one for Grace at 25 weeks to rule out a potential problem. I have a picture of her smiling in utero that looks exactly like her smile now.

  3. I can tell for sure it's a girl!!

    Happy birthday yesterday and love you!

  4. Happy birthday, Kristy!

    That baby totally looks like a Steffen! Seriously! We're so excited for you guys. When's your moving date?

  5. A belated happy 29th to you! The 3D picture is miraculous! I've never seen one of such a little girl before :)

  6. Happy Birthday! And love those pictures... I can't wait to see our babies. :)



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