Monday, May 26, 2008

Drew Graduates From Yale

The Dean of Architecture asking the President of Yale to grant the degree of Master of Architecture.

The Dean of SOM asking the President of Yale to grant the degree of Master of Business Administration.

Drew's class from SOM graduating.

Sir Paul McCartney receiving Doctorate of Music.

Cesar Pelli (whom Drew worked in his office) receiving his doctorate of Fine Arts.

Sage drinking water.

Sage and mommy waiting for the diploma ceremony to start.

Sage napping on Nana during the diploma ceremony.

Kolby napping on mommy.

Sage being held by Drew in line for the diploma.

Drew and Sage walking across the stage towards diploma. Kolby was sleeping so he didn't get to walk across with Drew.

Drew receiving his diploma from the SOM Dean.

The Family

The day was long but short. The boys didn't go to the morning ceremony on Old Campus, the 307th graduation of Yale. Our good friends, James and Kim graciously watched them and shuttled me and them around. They went to the diploma ceremony at the School of Management and were invited to walk across the stage with Drew. Sage napped perfectly right before and Kolby conked out right as they started handing out the diplomas, so he stayed with me. I must say, they both behaved wonderfully and made a too long ceremony sitting in the sun enjoyable.

I am so proud of Drew. I don't think I realized how much work and effort it was going to be for him to complete graduate school. In a way, I felt like our whole family should have walked across the stage with him. Drew did a tremendous job of balancing school and family. He went to school in the early morning and was home almost every evening for a family dinner and bedtime. Words can't adequately describe the amount of pride that I have for Drew.

We made it!


  1. What an exciting milestone! The graduation ceremonies themselves are always a bit of a bear, though, aren't they?

  2. Amazing and awesome and wonderful and so cool! Praise the Lord he's done. I am really excited for everything your family has to look forward to in the future.
    Don't mess with Texas!!

    Your hair looks really cute!
    Love you!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS DREW (and Kiki and Sage and Kolby!)

    ditto on the hair!

  4. Why do I tear up seeing the picture of Sage and Drew walking across that stage? Oh my! Congratulations! Will continue to pray for your transition.

  5. Congratulations Drew! I made you a card, but it's still sitting in the basement . . . :) Kristy, I think you should have been able to walk with him too.

  6. What an incredible 3 years for you all or should I say Y'all :) Congratulations to Drew and to you Kristy for supporting him and manning the home front. Looking forward to your adventures in Texas! Love,Kers


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