Monday, May 05, 2008

Looking Forward

Saturday, Drew's first free Saturday, was great.

I slept in! Until 8:30!

I showered, with the door closed!

I went grocery shopping, by myself!

Drew grilled pork chops.

It was a great day.

I look forward to many more Saturdays like that. But, I wonder when they will come. Soon, we need to start packing. And then it will be unpacking and painting. We were talking about what we want to get done realistically in the two weeks that we will have before he starts work in our new house. I said, paint the boys room, our room, living, dining and kitchen. My first priority will be the boys room because I read that will help them adjust better. Then I can slowly unpack, organize and get us settled. While working on organizing the living room/ play room so it doesn't look like a play room. Because right now, our living room is over taken by toys. And it bothers us. There isn't enough toy storage so some of it just sits on the floor and it never really seems "picked up". I know, it is just a time of life.

I am concerned that I don't realize how much work the next month or two is going to be, how stressful it will be on our family to move.

Last time we moved, Sage was just 10 months old and it took me 5 days to unpack the kitchen!

How do we paint major rooms (living, dining and kitchen) in our house with children under foot? These three rooms are all kind of connected. It will be an experience!

We are so excited. Any ideas on paint colors for me? We are going to get a khaki couch. So, no khaki walls, maybe a light chocolate brown?


  1. Moving is a bit daunting, isn't it? I was 7 mos pregnant with Grace and Sam was not quite 2 when we moved here. I was really worried about he would handle it, and it turned out ot be no big deal. He couldn't wait to sleep in his new room...go figure.

    I love my paint colors. They are all Benjamin Moore, Flower pot in kitchen, serendipity in dining, hammock in family room and buckwheat in living room.

    Good luck!

  2. The ottoman that holds toys and books is the BEST thing ever. YOu've seen our living room; it's small. So this SAVES us. When we pick up at night all the toys go in there, and the kids head right for it in the morning!

  3. I've never moved with kids- I can't imagine! Chocolate brown sounds nice- and yummy!


  4. Since I don't have your email - I will wish you happy birthday here! Hope that you got some beautiful dandilions from your boys!

  5. shopping by yourself?!!!
    I always feel so 'free' - a little too free - when I do that!

    I have moved 12 times in my life
    (with and without kids/babies/pregnant) and I can say from experience you always set up the kitchen FIRST, then the kids rooms! a little piece of advice from a seasoned military wife!

    I never paint walls any shade of brown unless it's closer to yellow - my husband spends lots of time deployed to a dessert area and he is always so 'down' when he's there so I decided that the color of the dessert didn't belong in our home! I'd go for more peppy! unless you have lots of cool colors to accent, that is - I think that would change my mind!

    can't wait to see pictures!


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