Thursday, December 01, 2005

Living Away From Family

We survived our first Thanksgiving away from family and it wasn't too bad. We were a little homesick but we have some awesome friends and I am used to spending Thanksgiving with friends and family so it wasn't too big of a stretch.

The hardest thing about living away from family: a babysitter. Finding someone or a couple you trust. Plus, not wanting to pay for one or really being able to afford one. Babysitting is like a business out here. I could make the same per hour babysitting here as I did at my full time job there! Sage gets to go with us a lot of places because of this reason, for example, the football game. It wasn't our first choice and we had asked some friends to watch him but they seemed aprehensive or like they had something else come up so we changed our minds and took him. No big deal, he is a great kid and we had a great time as a family. But, Drew has a fancy, schmancy dinner/dancing Christmas work party that we would really like to attend. We are on strike 2 with a sitter. I am going to ask our neighbor tonight and if that is strike 3, then we are going to have to ask someone whom we will have to pay, $10 an hour. Making a free night out, not so free. But I guess it will be better to pay someone and not have to pay for dinner! But man, do I miss our family right about now. They were always up for it and always free! I can't wait to go home for Christmas and take advantage of those facts!

Drew and I have talked about living away from family long term and how that would affect our lives. Of course, we would want to "get home" about twice a year which means those times would be our family vacations which means, no Disneyland, no camping, no Washington DC etc. Not that family isn't worth that. I just love vacations and seeing new things.


  1. I have a hard time living away from family too, especially now with a baby coming. I hear what you are saying about babysitters and vacation. I think this summer my whole family is going to meet in Colorado so we can combine family time with a "real" vacation trip.

    I really enjoy your blog.
    Krista in Canada

  2. Been there, done that! As kids our vacations were spent in Bismarck, North Dakota visting my dad's family! I enjoyed it, but there were no big vacations.

    As for babysitters... We are in the same boat. We're in Kansas City and all our family is in Iowa. We have a few friends we can call, but after that...


  3. I hear you. I would put a vote in for living long term near family. I know how important family is to you, and I think you would look back on your life and wish you were closer. Being near family is a subject that often comes up in your blog.

    It IS nice to be near family. We have a sitter about twice a month; with 2 sets of his parents, my parents, and Daniel and Allison here, we have a bunch of sitters. And we don't have to travel to see family. Michael and Nathan come to see us. I am not saying this to make you sad, I am saying this because if I know you at all, Kiki, I know long term you would not be happy away from family.

    Now kick me to the curb! Too much "assvice!"



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