Friday, December 02, 2005

Do you ever...

have to pee so bad you can barely walk to the bathroom?

That happened to me last night. I was laying on the couch watching tv, feeling the baby move around inside me and all of the sudden my lower abdomen started to ache and gets really hard. Now, this has been happening a lot and I attribute it to the stretching of ligaments and muscle. Just another joy of being pregnant. Then I sit up and feel like ohhh my. I have got to go. I walk to the bathroom half bending over, Drew passes me in the hallway and gives me a funny look.

lay your hand on your husbands belly and try to imitate the baby movements?

I did last night. Drew thought it was funny. This occurred after he asked if it is weird having a person moving around inside of me. My answer, yes and especially because you don't know when or where you will feel the next movement. Here let me show you I said. I put my hand on his belly and pushed hard 3 times. Stop. Wait. Once. Hard. That's when he pushed me away.

ask people for money instead of gifts?

I would like to ask for money for this baby so we can put it toward the insanely priced double stroller that we love. I have only mentioned this to my mom and sister and now the rest of the internet world.

bake your own bread?

My dad does for special occasions. So I wanted to. Surprisingly, easy and oh so yummy! People are amazed when they ask how I make it. Do you have a breadmaker? No, I say, I do it by hand. Even my dad was skeptical of the kneading by hand obstacle.

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