Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We have been busy the past couple of days and I am tired! Sunday, we went to NYC to see Rockefeller Center, VanGogh drawings at the Met and see some friends who were visiting. It was a fun day with a lot of walking and for a 25 week pregnant, out of shape girl with braxton hics, made the day kind of long. But we did have fun.

Monday, I had a dr. appointment and did the glucose test. That night, we got our first professional photograph taken at Picture People. Our appointment wasn't until 8pm, so I didn't know what to expect from Sage. He did great! We haven't seen the pictures yet because we couldn't wait around for them to be developed, Sage needed to go to bed! We will go look at them tonight!

Tuesday, Sage and I met a friend at a mall about half hour away and hung out with her and her 8 month old. Then we had a playdate later in the afternoon and then I got to go hang out with some friends. It is actually a moms club and I am still getting to know everyone. But they are really nice and we will meet during the day to do stuff too and then have one night a week called moms night out. I don't usually make it to those but had fun last night.

Today, Sage and I are both still in our pajamas at noon! I love these days. We ate breakfast, I read my Bible for an hour while he destroyed the living room, I did some laundry and some cleaning and now he is happily eating leftover mac-n-cheese for lunch! This afternoon, we need to go to Target for diapers and such and then pick up Drew from work and off to the mall for a no cooking kind of day dinner at McDonalds and to view/purchase our pictures. We will probably only buy one or two because we are cheap and I don't mean poses, I mean actual pictures!

I need to finish Christmas cards tonight! And pack tomorrow and make a cheesecake for Friday morning! We will fly out, weather permitting, Saturday and Sage and I will not return until Jan. 9! We are so excited to see family and friends and be in the good ole Midwest again! And when we return, I will be in my third trimester and will have to start getting ready for the baby to come... switch Sage to a big boy bed and many small detail things!

So, I will try to blog while I am away, but, might be having too much fun or nothing to write!

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

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