Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Little, maybe a Lot Deeper

As I read one of my normal blogs of a long time friend, she wrote about why people don't write about deeper issues on there blogs. Most are about kids and work, a documentation of peoples lives. Mine has mostly been about my son and living in a new state and city and how it is affecting our lives. I am excited to be able to look back and read my posts and see how far we have come. Kind of like my online journal that I let you read, if you want. But today, I am going to do something different. I am going to talk about a deep subject that I have read a few posts about and today something clicked in my mind.

Believing in the death penalty and anti-abortion

I believe in the death penalty. I think it is right for a murderer to be executed. I also don't believe in abortion. I don't believe that an innocent baby should be murdered. Today, as I was reading a blog, I realized, these two completly opposite subjects are getting pushed together by people and they are saying people who believe in both are hypocritical. I think they are wrong.

A person who is sitting on death row, waiting to be executed has received a trial, he has had opportunities to prove his innocence beyond a shadow of a doubt. He understands why he is being executed. He understands the choices he made through his life and now he has to be punished for his wrong choices. Jesus was crucified next to two thieves. They crucified two thieves. A thief. I don't know what those thieves stole but evidently, it was bad enough to be crucified.

A baby inside a mothers womb has not been given a fair trial, he has not even seen the light of day. A baby inside a mothers womb does not realize that he doesn't get a try at life, he doesn't understand why he is being killed. He hasn't made a wrong choice.

In life, a lot of wrong choices are made. Parents first shape our wrong and right and we also look to society. Laws are made. But still we choose wrong. And punishment must follow.

A baby doesn't choose to be aborted. A mother chooses to have sex with someone which results in a pregnancy. That baby didn't choose to be created and he wouldn't choose to die. A criminal chooses to commit a crime. He probably wouldn't choose to die either, but he did have a choice to start.

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  1. can i post, with credit to you of course? i was just watching a law and order on this subjectand i tmade me SO mad.


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