Sunday, November 13, 2005

What do you do all day?

Today is a day where I try to figure out what to do all day with Sage and myself. We went to church as a family, came home, made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up from lunch, Sage went down for a nap, I cleaned up after Drew's closet cleaning and made the bed, "rested on the couch", and now we are both up and I am wondering what to do for the rest of the day. I try to take one day a week where I only do normal cleaning things like dishes. And I try to make that day Sunday but I get so bored since Drew is typically not around. Sage is currently eating a snack while I blog. And I would like to go someplace but that usually involves spending money and that isn't the best idea either. I thought about walking to see Drew but he is working on a group project so if we walked there, we would walk right back without really seeing him. So we have almost 4 1/2 hours until bed time and nothing constructive to do.

What is it like to have a "normal" family life? And what is "normal"? I think of normal as being a mom and dad and kids and the dad has a job working 40 to 50 hours per week and the mom stays home and takes care of the kids. I totally realize that this is not "normal" but it is the normal that I want for my family. But our "normal" is the mom stays home and takes care of the kids and all household duties minus taking the garbage out and the dad is in school. He goes to school by 7 in the morning and comes home around 6 for dinner and goes back to school around 8, after Sage is in bed. Fridays, he doesn't have class so he might sleep in and go to school around 10 and then it depends on what is going on in school if he will come home for dinner and go back or stay home. Usually, he stays home. Saturdays, he tries to go to school early again to get a head start and then come home for dinner around 6 and sometimes go back and sometimes stay home. Sundays, we sleep in (kind of), go to church at 10, come home, eat lunch and he is back to school until the wee hours of the night, usually midnight but a lot of times later. He just informed me today that this week is going to be especially bad because they have a review a week from Monday. Especially bad means that he will get home much later and still have to go in at the same time. So, the way our family is affected is that when he is home from 6 to 8, he usually will take a half hour nap. This is our "normal".

Please don't think I am ripping on my husband. He is a wonderful man and a wonderful father. He hates that he is gone so much and loves to spend time with us. But by working so hard now, he hopes to make a better life for us later by being able to get a better job and better pay. I love him so much and support him in all he does and in all his dreams. I want him to be successful and to feel success in all areas of his life.

I guess, right now I get lonely. We don't have family around that we can go visit and we don't have a ton of friends. And it is the same dilemma I face every weekend, people with families and jobs are home on the weekends and want to spend time with their families, not their wives frineds and kids.

Is it bad that we are listening to Christmas music already? And I want to start a countdown of when we leave to visit family? Today is the 13th, we leave the 17th. Okay, maybe I should wait until it is at least one month.

Pregnancy update: 21 weeks I feel the baby move now but not a ton. Mostly when I am laying down. And I am not wearing maternity clothes yet, well some shirts because they are longer but I have always had that problem. But not my jeans yet. I have tried, don't get me wrong, they are just too big and I am constantly pulling them up and I have a major saggy butt when I stand up after sitting. And I noticed yesterday that I have some braxton hics. Usually when I wake up in the morning or after a nap. I need to take a picture of my belly so I can post it and so that I can have it for the baby book!

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  1. Hey! Yes! Belly picture! In roughly 4 months you'll wonder what you did with all your time? ;) I know what you mean...sometimes I feel stir right now. I think we'll go to the store...

    The countdown cracks me up I would be doing the same thing! I can understand feeling lonely. It is TOTALLY normal. You will be making more and more friends every day!



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