Friday, November 18, 2005


I am feeling more pregnant. I feel the baby move more, even during the day which is exciting. My hips hurt when I sleep. I look more pregnant. And my maternity jeans are not falling down as much today! So, I can be comfortable without wearing sweatpants! My size bigger jeans still fit but by the end of the day, are not very comfortable. I will definitly wear maternity jeans to Thanksgiving dinner!

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Ours will be different this year. We always went to my parents city and got together with 4 other families. We have been doing that for years. Ever since I can remember. It worked in our marriage to do Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his. But this year lots of things are different. We moved half way across the country and can't get back but even more of a change, one of the families that we got together with, moved to Kansas City. My parents are going to KC, my sisters family is going with her husbands family, my brothers family is going with his wifes family and my other brother lives in NC and will be with his wifes family also. So different! Selfishly, I am glad that none of my family will be together because then I don't wonder what I am missing. The other day was my sisters birthday and she had gone to my moms house to scrapbook all day and go out to lunch with friends while her husband took care of the kids. But they were all going to have dinner together and I just felt lonely. I wish I could go to stuff like that. Maybe someday. Anyway, we are going to a friends house for Thanksgiving. It will be small, just the 2 friends, their baby daughter, his parents and us. I am used to a lot of people around for Thanksgiving. 4 original families plus the kids getting married and then adding kids. Of course, not everyone could come every year, but that was the fun, getting to catch up with someone! We announced we were pregnant there 2 years ago and then last year got to bring Sage with us! Usually, they would do a thing where we would share what we were thankful for but it was very big that year and we didn't do it so, one of the "kids" asked me when Drew and I were going to start having kids and I answered actually, this July! My sister was sitting there and was like what, what did you say. Then my niece went running to tell Grandma (whom i told that morning). It was fun.

Anyone have any fun Thanksgiving traditions? Memories?

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  1. Like you Thanksgiving was always a big get together when I was growing up, in my case grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Now that I live in Canada, not only is it a different day (2nd Monday in October) but it is a much smaller deal. This year we had our turkey dinner with my husband and I, his parents, and his brother (his two sisters couldn't make it). And on the "real" Thanksgiving day, he will be off at work all day and I will be home by myself. It's not so bad if I don't think about what the rest of my family is doing without me. I plan to get out all my Christmas decorations and set them up to console myself. Then on the weekend my husband and I are going to go pick out our tree. Some year I hope we can go back to Iowa for a tradition Thanksgiving again. In the meantime, I'll be thinking of you that day.

    God bless,
    Krista from CV


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