Saturday, November 05, 2005

A few rants and updates

So, we moved to CT in May. Here are the things that I have a hard time getting used to and frankly, don't really like. In no particular order.

1. Bad Drivers!!!! CT is full of bad drivers! They must teach bad driving 101 instead of drivers education like the rest of the country. Lane markers are a suggestion and if you feel the need to cross over, go ahead. The car in that lane will move, don't worry. Streets are narrow and usually one way with parking on both sides but feel free to stop in the middle of the lane and put your flashers on to let someone in or out of your vehicle or sometimes just to chat with someone on the sidewalk. On a side note, honking at someone is like saying get going, helll-llo green light for .5 seconds now or i am going through this yellow more like red light so you better stay where you are.

2. Pedestrians and Bikers. They will walk out or ride out in front of any moving vehicle if they are within 5 feet of a crosswalk. The crosswalk will stay stop but they know that vehicles will stop for them. So, I sit at a red light waiting to turn right (no right turn on red) and when the light turns green if you don't gun it and get out there, you will sit through the green light waiting for the pedestrians to get out of the way!

3. Babysitters. We had our second paid babysitter for Sage this week. The first was in Iowa and I paid the highschool babysitter $2 per hour to watch Sage. She was also watching his cousins so she made out with $6 an hour. I asked our sitter how much she usually gets and I was expecting $5 - $7 an hour. She said $8 - $10!!!!!!! No freakin way! She is in college and I was ready to pay a college girl more, but $8 - $10!!!!!?????

4. Seagulls and fish smell. I can't get used to hearing and seeing Seagulls when I walk out of Target. And the fishy sea smell is right outside my door! It is just weird, nothing wrong with it.


Today we went to NYC to see the Statue of Liberty. This summer, we just saw it from Battery Park but didn't want to wait in the lines. Today, it was the only thing on our list. We took the ferry from Battery Park and walked around the Statue. Pretty impressive. Thanks France! Sage was so tired and crabby. I was holding him on the ferry and he was so crabby. Drew was happily taking pictures (he did offer to switch- sweet husband of mine) but I declined. As soon as we got off the ferry and put Sage in his stroller, he was out. It was amazing. Not a minute after being in his stroller. We got off at Ellis Island but then got right back on the ferry, I was starving and Drew was really wanting to go to Gray Papaya for hot dogs and papaya juice. Going to the Statue was a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of waiting. We got there at 9:30 and got to Liberty Island at 11, walked around for an hour and then waited for the ferry to take us to Ellis Island. I would have liked to walk around more at Ellis Island but my belly was growling! I would imagine that some friends will want to do this again so maybe we will tag along and see it more in depth. We got back to Battery Park about 1 and got on the Subway and made our way to Gray Papaya and surprisingly, I like the papaya juice and the hot dogs but Sage loved the papaya juice! He was slurping it down! We also went to McDonalds because Sage wasn't biting the hot dog very well and they were a in and out, no sit down kind of place to eat. Anyway, I also really needed to change Sage's diaper and was surprised when there was no changing table. So, I laid back the stroller seat and changed him in the womens bathroom while he proceeded to scream and thrash about the entire time. He is not usually like this during diaper changes but I had to take away the papaya juice to change his diaper and he was not happy about that at all. We fed him half the cheeseburger and then walked to Washington Park where he finished his burger while Drew went to get us Chipotle (yea!). And then we let him play/walk around for awhile. I have never seen so many $700 strollers (Bugaboo Frog) in one place before! I felt cheap and like a bad mama for pushing my son in his $100 Graco. That was our day. We made it home for dinner, Sage is in bed, dishes are done, and Drew is back at studio. And I am off to soak in the tub and call my mom and thank her for the calendar she sent me!

I h-e-a-r-t NYC!

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